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White House: Zero Chance Betsy Devos Isn’t the Next Secretary of Education

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said definitively that there is “zero chance” that Betsy Devos is not the next secretary of education during Wednesday’s White House press briefing.

A reporter asked Spicer about Sens. Murkowski (R-AK) and Collins (R-ME) both saying they intend to vote ‘no’ on DeVos, and whether the Trump administration is worried about her getting confirmed.

“Zero. I am 100% confident [DeVos] will be the next secretary of education. She’s an unbelievably qualified educator and advocate for students, teachers, parents,” Spicer told the reporter.

Spicer concluded by saying, “[DeVos] is someone who has been a tireless advocate over the last couple of decades, to really support reforms that benefit children, and they are going to be the real winners with her as secretary of education.”