Who Is Hope Hicks? Meet the Woman Named Interim WH Comms Director

By NTK Staff | 08.16.2017 @12:14pm
Who Is Hope Hicks? Meet the Woman Named Interim WH Comms Director

How a 28-year-old from Greenwich, Connecticut rose to power inside President Trump's inner circle to become one of Trump's most trusted staffers.

The Daily Caller is reporting that President Trump will name longtime aide Hope Hicks as the new White House communications director, making her the fourth person to serve in that role during the Trump presidency.

Hicks who rarely appears on TV or talks with reporters is only 28 years-old and was a complete unknown in Washington political circles before becoming Trump’s press secretary on his 2016 campaign.

Now Hicks will have one of the most coveted jobs in Washington: communications director for the President of the United States. But who is Hope Hicks?

Hicks grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut and attended Southern Methodist University where she played lacrosse for four years.

After college, Hicks took a job in 2012 working at Hiltzik Strategies, a consulting and communication firm based in Manhattan.

According to the Washington Post, at Hiltzik Strategies, Hicks “began working on accounts related to Trump’s vast real estate, hospitality and fashion ventures.”

In 2014, Hicks went in-house at the Trump Organization, where she handled public relations for “Ivanka Trump’s fashion line and some Trump resorts.”

In January 2015, Trump appointed Hicks to be his press secretary for his upcoming presidential campaign.

On the campaign, Hicks’ duties included “keeping the media at bay and operating as Trump’s chief gatekeeper.”

Hicks’ hard work on the campaign helped her to become one of Trump’s most trusted staffers.

After Trump won the election, Hicks was named strategic communications director and was responsible for merging “Trump’s legislative agenda with communications.”

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