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Why Doesn’t the DNC Own Bernie Sanders’ Email List? The New Chair Doesn’t Know.

Newly elected Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez struggled to explain why the party doesn’t yet have access to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ coveted email list on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Sanders email list contains the email addresses of hundreds of thousands of people who donated to his presidential campaign, making it very valuable commodity. On CNN’s State of the Union, Sanders was noncommital when asked if he would hand over is his email list to the party.

Mark Halperin asked Perez why the DNC doesn’t yet have Sanders’ list.

“Well, I’m meeting, actually later this week with Senator Sanders and Senator Schumer and Congressman Ellison, and we are going to move forward to talk about how we make sure we are all fired on all cylinders,” Perez answered dodging the question.

“I think one of our challenges is, and really I call it an opportunity as a party, is to channel the energy at a grassroots level. The president is a unifier,” Perez concluded.