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Why the GA-06 Poll Showing the Race Tied Could Spell Trouble for Democrat Jon Ossoff

The Democrat released an internal poll showing a close race, but one key detail could spell trouble for his chances…

Democrat Jon Ossoff won the primary in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District last month, but he was unable to reach the 50 percent threshold necessary to prevent a runoff.

The second-place finisher, Republican Karen Handel, received the second-highest vote total, but trailed Ossoff considerably. That was due, primarily, to the fact that 11 Republicans competed for the GOP vote.

Despite Ossoff earning 48 percent of the vote to Handel’s 20 percent in the primary, Republicans received more votes than Democrats. And therein lies the trouble for Ossoff: a new poll, released by Ossoff’s campaign no less, shows Handel has made a 17-point jump in the polls:

The Georgia congressional race that’s in the national spotlight is a statistical dead heat, according to a Democratic polling firm.

Democrat Jon Ossof leads Republican Karen Handel in the sixth district race by a single point, 48 to 47, Atlanta Business Chronicle’s broadcast partner, 11Alive reports.

Just as polls showed before the primary, Ossoff has been unable to break the 50 percent barrier in the heavily-GOP district. The fact is Ossoff has not gained any ground since the primary, and that should worry his campaign.

Don’t tell that to his social media team, however. In an attempt to spin the numbers, they tweeted Monday night, “This is what momentum looks like!”

The irony of that tweet, of course, is that the only campaign that can argue it has gained momentum is Handel’s team.