Why This 2020 Dem is Tanking in the Polls (And Why It Could Get Worse)

By NTK Staff | 07.12.2017 @2:01pm
Why This 2020 Dem is Tanking in the Polls (And Why It Could Get Worse)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo may run for president in 2020, but first he faces a 2018 re-election campaign and an electorate that isn’t happy with him.

Being the governor of New York comes with certain perks, among those the perpetual speculation that you may run for president. So for Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), who has served as the Empire State’s chief executive since 2011, this is nothing new.

But a poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac found that 55 percent of New York voters believe Cuomo should not run for president in 2020. Upstate, the number is even higher at 65 percent.

More troubling for Cuomo is why voters don’t want him to run – they don’t think he’d do a good job:

What’s more, voters aren’t high on the idea that Cuomo would make a good president. Only 34 percent say he would, while 56 percent say he wouldn’t. Among Democrats, a plurality (49 percent) say he would make a good president.

Again, upstaters are the most pessimistic about a Cuomo White House, with 66 percent saying he wouldn’t make a good president and 27 percent saying that he would.

As if these numbers weren’t bad enough, journalist Ross Barkin notes that matters could actually get worse for Cuomo:

The aide and trial reference in Barkin’s tweet is Joseph Percoco, the former top aide of Cuomo’s who was indicted in November 2016 on 14 counts with corruption charges ranging from “bribery schemes to rig bids”

Percoco and his fellow accused (there are seven others) are set to stand trial on October 30. Any references, no matter their significance, to Cuomo could only serve to further sink his public image and hopes of seeking higher office.

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