Wilbur Ross Talks Tax Reform with The Washington Post

By NTK Staff | 09.08.2017 @11:08am

The commerce secretary expressed hope that Congress would get the legislation done.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told The Washington Post on Friday that the goal of tax reform is to reduce the tax burden on Americans, saying that Americans spend 6 billion hours doing their taxes per year.

“The true objectives [of tax reform] are simplification and reduction in tax burden,” Ross said, pointing out the enormous amount of time that Americans spend on their taxes. “Think how much better the economy would be if that 6 billion hours were put to some sort of productive use.”

However, the commerce secretary predicted that The Washington Post’s “neighbors on K street” would complicate the process. “They lobby and lobby and lobby for their favorite little wrinkle [in the tax code],” he said.

Ross also expressed hope that Democrats would join in the effort to fix the tax code.

“Who would want to be in favor of high and complicated taxes? Who’s going to use that as a winning campaign thing? It escapes me why that would be attractive for someone to run on that basis,” Ross said.

He told the moderator that he had been in contact with Congressional Democrats on the issue.

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