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Will Britain Elect Jeremy Corbyn, Who Allegedly Sympathized With Radical Ideologies, Its Next PM?

As the snap election in the United Kingdom draws to a close, much has been made of Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and his record on terrorism and extremism.

Jeremy Corbyn

British voters go to the polls in a snap election on Thursday to decide the direction the UK takes Brexit, the fight against terrorism, and more. Prime Minister Theresa May, a Conservative, is hoping to expand her majority in the House of Commons. Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn hopes to weaken May’s majority enough to give his party a hand in Brexit negotiations this year and next.

Corbyn, though, has been the subject of much criticism in the final weeks of the election. His record on terrorism and extremism is under much scrutiny, particularly after a string of three terrorist attacks in England over the last few weeks of the campaign.

Here’s a quick summary of the shocking revelations about Corbyn made during the campaign:

  • Said ISIS supporters should not be prosecuted: The Telegraph reported that Corbyn, in 2014, “questioned the creation of ‘legal obstacles’ for fighters returning from to the UK from Syria.”
  • Said “we don’t agree with this obscenity of drones” that target terrorists: According to the Daily Mail, Corbyn said in 2013 “[w]e don’t agree with this obscenity of drones,” and also suggested in 2015 that the killing of Jihadi John by drone was illegal.
  • Supported removing Hamas from Britain’s terror list: According to the BBC, Corbyn said in 2009 the terror “group ‘should be removed from this list’.”
  • “[H]onored” Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) official “believed behind Munich Massacre”: According to The Times of Israel, Corbyn, in 2014, honored PLO official Atef Bseiso, who “was likely involved in planning the 1972 massacre” of Israeli Olympic athletes.
  • Refused to directly condemn radical Irish Republican Army (IRA): According to the Telegraph‘s reporting: “The Labour leader was asked five times to denounce the IRA yesterday but chose instead to state his opposition to ‘all bombing’.”

Time will tell if voters give Corbyn the keys to the UK government, but with terror a top issue on the minds of voters it seems unlikely they will.