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Will Uber’s CEO Take a Leave of Absence? And Who Would Replace Him?

The company currently has no COO, CFO, CMO, or SVP of engineering, leaving open the question of who could step into the role…

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Word coming from ridesharing app Uber’s top brass is that CEO Travis Kalanick may take a three-month leave of absence following the issuance of a report expected to critique the company’s “culture” on Tuesday.

The company fired more than 20 employees last week after the conclusion of a separate investigation, which found 215 complaints of sexual harassment and employee misconduct.

Earlier this year, former Uber employee Susan Fowler published scathing allegations about Uber’s company culture and, specifically, numerous instances of sexual harassment she experienced.

The trouble for Uber would be finding a suitable replacement for Kalanick, given the company’s thin roster and the specter of more layoffs on the way:

If Kalanick does temporarily step away from his role, there are very few people left at the company who could easily step in and run it in his stead — particularly if Uber SVP of business Emil Michael is fired or gives into pressure from the board and resigns.

The company has no COO, CFO, CMO or SVP of engineering, and all of those vacancies are without accounting for the possible terminations that several sources suspect will happen as a result of the Holder report. In addition, several sources at Uber said attrition among the rank-and-file staff has spiked.

Recode speculates board members, including Arianna Huffington, Garrett Camp or Bill Gurley, could potentially step into the role if Kalanick steps down.

The release of a second report, this one conducted by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, could result in further firings at Uber, pending its findings.