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Women’s March Organizer: March Was “Against the Idea of Populism”

Jessica Rogers, an organizer of the Women’s March in Denver, said Monday on CNN’s New Day that “the overarching message [of the Women’s March] is that people all over the world are really unifying against the idea of populism.”

“A diverse community makes us all better,” Rogers continued.

Host Alisyn Camerota attempted to make sense of Rogers’ comments.

“It’s not like populism doesn’t like diversity, it’s the strain of populism I think that you’re seeing now,” Camerota said as she looked to Breanne Butler, a national coordinator of the Women’s March.

“We’re really trying to make this as inclusive as possible,” Butler responded without commenting on populism.

Butler’s comments were also curious given the Women’s March refused to include a women’s group that opposed abortion.