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Women’s March Organizer: President Trump Has No Choice But to Resign Now

The organizer falsely claimed that there is evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, an accusation that no one has made.

Women’s March Organizer Ianta Summers falsely claimed that evidence proves collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia at a protest outside the White House on Wednesday. The anti-Trump crowd ate up the claim.

“This is a constitutional crisis,” Summers said. “There is evidence that the president of the United States has colluded with Russia.”

Even Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who has repeatedly called for the impeachment of President Trump, admitted on Monday that no evidence exists yet of collusion between the campaign and Russia.

“We need to call for the resignation of Donald Trump,” she said to loud cheers from the crowd.

Summers said that a special prosecutor is no longer necessary because it is clear that Trump was guilty.

She also said that the United States can “not wait until 2018 to take this man out of office.” Unfortunately for Summers, Trump’s first term will not end until January 2021.