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Women’s March Organizer Tries Fundraising Off of Hurricane Harvey

Just when you thought the Linda Sarsour couldn’t go lower, she portrayed a liberal advocacy group fund as a relief effort.

Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour is no stranger to controversy, but her most recent dive into distastefulness has sunk the liberal activist to a new low. Sarsour tweeted a link to her followers just after midnight on Tuesday, asking them to donate to a hurricane relief fund.

The link took users to a donation page for the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund. Nick Short, the digital media director for Security Studies Group, noticed discrepancies in Sarsour’s original message and the mission of the organization receiving the funds:

The Texas Organizing Project’s website describes itself as a “community organizing” group focused on health care, poverty, education:

TOP promotes social and economic equality for low to moderate income Texans through community and electoral organizing.

TOP also lists their “victories,” including “stopping Valero energy tax breaks.”

A big red banner, reading “SUPPORT HARVEY RELIEF,” greets visitors on every page of the website. If clicked on, it redirects users to the fundraising page of the group.