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Would You Put this “Magic Box” in Your House to Improve Cell Coverage?

Sprint is offering the box to customers free of charge in order to improve their cell and data coverage.

In order to improve its cell coverage, Sprint has revealed the “Sprint Magic Box,” a small cell that serves as a mini-conduit for telecommunications.

Sprint touted the device in a statement as a “revolutionary new plug-and-play LTE small cell for businesses and consumers that dramatically improves data coverage and increases download and upload speeds on average by 200 percent.”

The cell is free for qualifying users.

Sprint’s CTO said the box was needed to improve cell coverage in urban areas, where construction of additional telecom infrastructure would be difficult.

CNBC criticized the device as an excuse for Sprint to avoid investing “more in cell towers or other heavy-duty technology.” The CNBC story also referred to the white, plain box as “ugly.”

Sprint ranked 5th in network performance in 2015, coming in behind T-Mobile, Verizon, Boost Mobil, and AT&T according to Tom’s Guide. Their network insufficiency compared to other companies may have motivated the introduction of the box.