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WP’s Costa: Trump Reviews News Organizations More Than Intelligence Briefings

On NBC’s Meet the Press, The Washington Post‘s Robert Costa said that President Trump pays more attention to media reports than intelligence briefings according to sources within the administration.

“My sources inside of the White House tell me that the president reviews news organizations’ information sometimes even more than intelligence information,” Costa told the Meet the Press panel.

NBC’s Chuck Todd interjected, “So we’re more important than the presidential daily brief?”

“Well he gets the presidential daily brief, but if you look at the tweets a few weeks ago that started this whole wiretapping situation, it was because of a Breitbart article my sources tell me was put in front of the president,” Costa told Todd.

“Now he’s watching Judge Napolitano on Fox News, and he’s digesting all this information rather than just the intelligence brief, and he’s disseminating it publicly.”