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Xavier Becerra Repeatedly Claims That Hillary Clinton Disclosed Her Illness Within 24 Hours

In an attempt to limit further damage, the Clinton campaign deployed Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) on CNN and MSNBC to address the campaign’s failure to disclose Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis.

In both interviews, Becerra claimed that Clinton had disclosed her illness within 24 hours, which is entirely false.
CNN’s Chris Cuomo even called out Becerra saying, “It wasn’t right away Congressman, and that is what is feeds this impression of how the Clinton organization can work.”

Becerra again made the claim minutes later during an interview on MSNBC, though this time it was not refuted.

According to her campaign, Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, but it was not until hours after she fainted on Sunday at a 9/11 memorial service that the campaign announced her illness to the American people. Many are saying that this is just the latest example of the Clinton campaign not being transparent with the public, including former adivser to President Obama, David Axelrod: