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Zucker Calls “Bullshit” on Complaints About Trump, Room Erupts

Jeff Zucker complained about GOP campaign aides at a panel at Harvard, and they responded with boos and jeers.

At the Harvard Kennedy School’s post-election forum on media, CNN President Jeff Zucker took a potshot at GOP campaign aides.

Of the criticism that CNN offered a disproportionate amount of coverage to Donald Trump at the expense of his GOP rivals, Zucker called “bullshit.”

Zucker then went on the attack against Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), claiming Rubio didn’t come on the channel because he didn’t like how an interview went.

An unidentified campaign aide shouted out: “I don’t remember getting invited to call in, though!” The crowd began to stir.

Others in the crowd shouted about CNN covering empty Trump podiums live, and claimed all of CNN’s questions to GOP primary candidates were about Trump.

Former Rubio campaign aide Todd Harris noted that CNN “showed hours upon hours of unfiltered, unscrutinized coverage of Trump. This was not about interviews.” Harris earned applause for his remarks.