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100 Days of Democrat Meltdowns

Everyone is talking about President Trump as he approaches the 100-day mark of his presidency. No one is talking about the meltdown of the Democratic Party in 100 short days.

By NTK Staff | 04.28.2017 @4:00pm
100 Days of Democrat Meltdowns

In honor of President Trump’s 100-day mark, the Need to Know (NTK) Network wanted to offer our readers a succinct summary of how Democrats have spent their last 100 days in Washington.

In short: there have been a lot of meltdowns. With much struggle and effort, NTK picked its top 10 from the first 100 days of the Trump administration:

Dem. Senator Chris Murphy Implies Putin is Controlling Trump

Bernie Sanders Won’t Give Email List to DNC after Perez Win

A Blank Book Outlining “Reasons to Vote for Democrats” Is Currently the #1 Bestseller on Amazon

Dems’ Argument Falls Apart as They Try to Paint Gorsuch as ‘Corporate Stooge’

Unhinged Dem Rep Says GOP Stands For “Get Old People”

Democrats to Socialist Bernie: The Party’s All Yours

“Unity”? DNC Blames Bernie for Dust-Up Over Pro-Life Democrat in Omaha

Obama Takes a Shot At Hillary Clinton

Keith Ellison Goes on Factless Rant about President Trump

Tom Perez’s Drops an F-Sharp as Expletive-Laden Rants Continue

Elizabeth Warren ‘Troubled’ by Obama Accepting Money from Wall Street

And, a special bonus section on perhaps the most unhinged member of Congress since Trump’s inauguration: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA):

Maxine Waters: Eventually We Have to Impeach President Trump

Unhinged Maxine Waters Doubles Down on Impeachment Claims

Unhinged Maxine Waters Calls Trump’s Cabinet a ‘Bunch of Scumbags’ and the ‘Kremlin Klan’

Maxine Waters Falsely Claims that Trump Pays “Nothing” in Taxes

Maxine Waters Leads Chant to Impeach Trump

FAKE NEWS ALERT: Maxine Waters Claims She Has Never Called for Trump’s Impeachment

Maxine Waters, Who Denied Calling for Trump’s Impeachment, Again Calls for Trump’s Impeachment

MSNBC Mocks Maxine Waters For Claiming She Never Called For Trump’s Impeachment

Happy 100 days!

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