2020 WATCH: Former Vice President Joe Biden | NTK Network 2020 WATCH: Former Vice President Joe Biden

2020 WATCH: Former Vice President Joe Biden

If Biden does decide to run for president, this would be his third attempt to win the Democratic Party's nomination.

By NTK Staff | 12.26.2018 @4:00pm
2020 WATCH: Former Vice President Joe Biden

As part of NTK Network’s series highlighting potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, we thought it was only fair to start with the candidate who is the early frontrunner: former Vice President Joe Biden.

WHO IS JOE BIDEN: Biden served as vice president to former President Barack Obama for eight years, from 2009 to 2017.

Before becoming vice president, Biden spent 36 years representing the state of Delaware in the United States Senate.

While in the Senate, Biden served as the chairs of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, International Narcotics Control Caucus, and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Biden has said that he would make a decision about whether he would run for president sometime early in 2019. If he does decide to run, this would be his third attempt to win the Democratic Party’s nomination.

WHY BIDEN COULD WIN: Biden is currently the frontrunner to win the Democratic Party’s primary. Heading into 2019, Biden enjoys a double-digit lead over many other 2020 hopefuls in a string of recent polls.

A recent CNN/Des Moines Register poll found that 32 percent of likely Iowa caucus-goers preferred Biden, which was 13 points higher than the next candidate.

With strong working-class roots, an authenticity not often founded in Washington, D.C., and ties to key Democratic fundraisers, Biden will be a formidable opponent in the Democratic primary.

WHY NOT BIDEN: The biggest issue that Biden will have to overcome, if he hopes to win the Democratic Party’s nomination, is his age. The 76 years-old Biden himself has said that questions about his age are “totally legitimate” in the context of another presidential run. His age has past and present senior advisers to Biden worried ahead of 2020.

However, his age is not the only thing that might prevent Biden from winning the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Biden’s handling of the Anita Hill hearing in the 1990s received strong criticism from progressive Democrats last year after Senate Republicans latched onto comments then-Sen. Biden made during the hearing. Biden’s words were used against Democrats during the confirmation hearings for now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

NTK’S TAKE: Biden has a very good chance of winning the Democratic primary if he is able to put away concerns about his age and appease progressive members of the Democratic Party.

However, with so much time spent in Washington, D.C., it’s very possible that past remarks might come back to haunt to him, as the Democratic Party that has moved much further to the left in recent years.

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