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21 Clever Travel Accessories That Will Improve Any Trip

Improve your next trip with these ingenious travel items, all available on Amazon Prime.

By NTK Staff | 03.05.2019 @11:56am
21 Clever Travel Accessories That Will Improve Any Trip

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, travel can be a hassle. These 21 items are all highly-rated on Amazon for their ability to make travel smoother, safer, and more worry-free. All of them make great gifts, but you’ll definitely be tempted to keep them for yourself!

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1. Infinity Scarf with Secret Pocket

Keep your money, phone, and passport safe in a spot would-be thieves wouldn’t expect with this infinity scarf. Not travelling? It’s nice accessory even when you don’t need the pocket.

2. Compact Umbrella

You’ll never regret bringing your umbrella! This umbrella is both sturdy and incredibly small when closed, making it ideal for travel or just having in your purse or briefcase for unexpected showers.

3. Quick-Dry, Sand-Resistant Beach Towel

This may be the perfect travel towel! It’s incredibly compact, dries quickly, and won’t fill your bag with sand. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. And bonus, the company clearly has a sense of humor as evidenced by the way it answers silly questions asked on Amazon.

4. Hollow Book Safe

It looks like any other book on the outside, but it locks to keep your valuables safe on the inside. This is great for storing passports and emergency cash at home and abroad. No thief will give it a second look.

5. Multiple USB International Travel Charger

Charge up to 4 phones or other USB devices at once at home or abroad – just make sure to pack the right adapter for the country you’re traveling to (included).

6. Jewelry Travel Storage Case

Tired of arriving at your location with your necklaces hopelessly tangled and your earrings all jumbled? This sleek travel case has a place for everything that will keep your jewelry from getting lost or tangled.

7. Twistable Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Sometimes you need to get creative to get comfortable enough to sleep while on the go. This pillow helps, twisting into and staying in whatever shape you need.

8. Quad Travel Neck Pillow

This neck pillow is another good option for sleeping on the go, with a unique design for maximum comfort.

9. Travel Laptop Backpack

The designers of this backpack have thought of everything! It has a pocket for every item, it straps easily onto suitcase handles, and it has a built-in USB charger. The best part? It’s surprisingly affordable.

10. Portable Clothing Steamer

This small gadget will smooth away any travel wrinkles without getting your clothes wet. It comes highly recommended by many happy reviewers.

11. 130-Piece Sewing Kit 

Be prepared for any wardrobe malfunction with this comprehensive, but still compact, travel sewing kit.

12. Folding Travel Hangers 

Normal hangers are a pain to travel with, but these travel hangers are a breeze. They easily fold to take up very little space and snap back to full size when you need them.

13. 10 Piece Toiletry Kit

Looking for something that’s grab-and-go? This kit has everything you need in TSA-approved sizes. It’s available for men, women, and baby.

14. Women’s Fashion Fix Kit

This has 5 fixes for common wardrobe issues that every woman has faced. Protect your feet from blisters, have an extra pocket when you need it, and more.

15. Travel First Aid Kit

This tiny first aid kit clips on your bag and comes in handy when you’re far from your home medicine cabinet.

16. Collapsible Water Bottle

This water bottle will keep you hydrated without taking up much precious luggage space when it’s empty.

Travel Surface and Air Purifying

Kill the germs on public transportation quickly and discreetly with this travel mist and avoid getting sick on your trip.

18. Tide To Go Stain Remover Pens 

These little pens are amazing! Use them immediately after a spill to get the stain out fast. They’re also small and leak-proof, making them purse, backpack, or luggage safe.

Travel Shoe Bags

Keep your suitcase clean and your shoes dry with these handy waterproof travel shoe bags.

20. 7 Piece Packing Cubes Travel Organizer

Keep your suitcase neat and organized with this set that includes different-sized cubes, TSA-approved toiletry storage, and a shoe bag.

21. No-Vacuum Space Saver Travel Bags

These reusable travel bags are easy to use and work great in backpacks or suitcases. With airlines jacking up costs for luggage, this space-saver can easily pay for itself.

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