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25 Adorable Baby Shower Gifts for Future Republicans

Go off-registry by gifting this cute and funny conservative baby gear!

By NTK Staff | 02.19.2019 @5:42pm
25 Adorable Baby Shower Gifts for Future Republicans

If there’s a new bundle of joy coming into the lives of one of your loved ones, instead of getting them yet another baby blanket, find a gift that will really make them smile! These baby gifts will make new parents laugh and help them share their conservative pride with their new little one.

“Come and Take It” Bodysuit 

It’s never too early to teach baby to be proud of their rights!

“I only cry when Democrats hold me” Bodysuit 

Think this little one is going to grow up to be a little snarky with their politics? They can start now.

“Make America Great Again” Bodysuit 

You can’t go wrong with this iconic red classic.

“Make America Cute Again” Bodysuit 

…or go with this baby-friendly twist on Trump’s slogan.

“Future REPUBLICAN” Bib and Elephant Socks 

The bib is cute, but this set is all about the adorable elephant socks!

“Future Republican” Bib 

Just want an ultra-cute Republican bib? It doesn’t get much cuter than this one.

“I’m so cute, I must be a REPUBLICAN” Bodysuit 

Let your cutie shout it loud and proud!

“I’m going to vote REPUBLICAN in 2036” Bodysuit

Your friends and family aren’t raising a socialist! Help them show off that they’re raising thier little on right.

Beanie Baby Elephant

You can’t go wrong with this soft and cuddly elephant. You could even give this one to new parents on the Left. It’s just a subtle hint.

“Weepublican” Bodysuit 

Small but mighty, and completely perfect if daddy loves puns.

Republican Elephant Dress 

This Mini Mouse-colored dress would look adorable on any little girl.

Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President Book 

Give the new little one a glimpse of what it’s like to be Vice President through the eyes of a bunny. This book, written by VP Mike Pence’s daughter Charlotte and illustrated by his wife Karen, gives a heartwarming view of a typical day on the job.

Pink “Future Representative” Bodysuit 

Let that new baby girl know that her place is in the House… or maybe the Senate.

Presidential Bodysuit 

And for the little gentlemen with big dreams, this onesie is meant to be a costume, but it would be super cute in any context.

Trumpy Bear 

This bear might be bigger than baby at first, leading to so many adorable photo opportunities.

“Yuge” Bodysuit 

What’s “yuge,” you ask? Baby’s potential, mommy’s love, the families’ excitement – it’s up to you!

Retro GOP Bodysuit 

Old school Republican? There’s a onesie for that.

Trump “Winning” Bodysuit 

Trump doesn’t get tired of winning. Neither will baby!

Reagan Bush ’84 Bodysuit 

It’s never too early to start being inspired by one of our greatest presidents!

“Republican Baby” Romper and Bib 

The little blue elephants with little pink hearts will melt the heart of anyone that sees baby in this set.

“Join or Die” Bib 

This is for the baby who isn’t messing around.

“Vote Republican 2020” Bodysuit 

Will baby be hitting the campaign trail or helping knock on doors in the neighborhood? She’ll be the MVP in no time in this outfit!

“Great Mom” Trump Mug 

Don’t forget to include something to encourage baby’s mommy (and make her laugh)!

“Great Dad” Trump Mug 

And we can’t leave out dad. He’s very special. Everyone agrees.

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