29 Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Father's Day Gifts for Trump-Supporting Dads | NTK Network 29 Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Father’s Day Gifts for Trump-Supporting Dads

29 Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Father’s Day Gifts for Trump-Supporting Dads

Find the perfect novelty gift for the man who loves a good laugh.

By NTK Staff | 05.13.2019 @1:31pm
29 Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Father’s Day Gifts for Trump-Supporting Dads

Looking for a great gift for the politically conservative man who has everything? Any of these gifts will make him laugh every time!

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“Nobody is better at fatherhood than you” Trump Mug 

If he’s the best dad around, let him know with this hilarious Trump-inspired mug.

Trump Hairdo Socks Need the perfect gift to make him laugh? These socks featuring Trump’s signature ‘do are a sure hit.

Phony Loser!: The Donald Trump Mix ‘n’ Match Insult Generator This book is sure to provide hours of uproarious entertainment and come in handy whenever he needs a Trump-inspired insult idea.

The Trump Book of Insults: An Adult Coloring Book More the artistic type, but still a big fan of Trump insults? This adult coloring book is sure to bring the laughs!

Reagan: American Icon Tank Top  Help him show off his guns and his conservative pride!

“Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats” Shirt  Looking for a gift for a father of daughters? He needs this.

Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump  Triggering liberals in 280 characters or less, here’s a hilariously illustrated book of some of Trump’s best tweets.

“You Have A Right to Bear Arms” Shirt The shirt for the man who loves guns and dad jokes.

“I Support the Right Arm Bears” Shirt …And the shirt for the man who REALLY loves dad jokes.

Reagan “I smell hippies” Shirt  He can never have enough Reagan.

3 Pack of Trump Socks  Help him have an extra-strong sock game with these three hilarious pairs of Trump socks.

Trump Talking Bottle Opener Trump sayings can, of course, make any beer even better.

“Trump 2020 Make Liberals Cry Again” T-Shirt 2020 is coming up fast. This is the perfect Trump swag

“Build the Wall MAGA 2020” Travel Mug Or if he’s less of a shirt guy but likes his coffee, this travel mug makes the right statement.

Trump’s Success Eau de Toilette Spray for Men Want a classy gift that reeks of Trump-level success? Here you go!

“Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” Phone Grip  This phone grip is handy for using his phone and letting liberals know where he stands.

“Patriotism: One More Way to Piss Off A Liberal” Mug  He would be a patriot either way, but this is a nice fringe benefit.

Trump “Best Cook” Apron  Can he cook? Help him share his skills with a little help from the President.

Desert Sage & Citrus Support Our Troops! Reed Diffuser Sticks Set If he likes a nice-smelling room, but in the manliest way possible, this air freshening diffuser gives proceeds to the USO.

“Warning: Does Not Play Well with Liberals” Shirt In this one case, maybe a trigger warning is necessary.

“I Love When I Wake Up and Donald Trump Is President” Mug The best part of waking up will be Trump’s victory in his cup.

Trump “You’re Fired” Button For the right guy, the uses for this button will be endless.

“If you’re offended, I’ll help you pack” Trump Shirt For the guy who’s conservative and thoughtful!

Flying Trump Ball Imagine being able to send Trump’s smiling face flying through any room!

4 Coffee Mug Gift Set Can’t pick just one perfect mug message? This set is perfect.

Talking Trump Pen Trump can add helpful insight to any moment with the push of a button.

Trump MAGA Nightlight Shed a little light on the subject with this nightlight.

“How to Annoy A Liberal: Facts & Logic” Mug Start his day with a reminder of all he needs to win any political argument.

God, Family, Guns & Trump Shirt  Any man who loves his God, his family, his second amendment rights, and his president will want to wear this shirt with pride!

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