3 Key Times to Watch on Election Night | NTK Network 3 Key Times to Watch on Election Night

3 Key Times to Watch on Election Night

NTK Network has a couple key times to watch, in the most expensive and contentious midterm elections ever.

By NTK Staff | 11.06.2018 @11:45am
3 Key Times to Watch on Election Night

Americans go to the polls on Tuesday in one of the most closely-watched midterm elections in American history. Dozens of House seats are up for grabs, along with control of the U.S. Senate and many Republican-held governorships.

Some political observers may be wondering when they can start to get answers on the key races around the country. NTK Network has you covered. Here are some key times to tune in to online, cable or social media coverage tonight. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).


This is when the very first polls close in Indiana and Kentucky. There are at least two key races in these states:

  • The U.S. Senate contest in Indiana between incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly and Republican Mike Braun
  • The U.S. House contest in Kentucky’s Sixth Congressional District between Republican Andy Barr and Democrat Amy McGrath

Though we may not know the result of these contests for several hours, they may be the first very close races where we’ll see results tonight.


Polls close in 19 states and the District of Columbia at 8:00pm ET. There are at least 32 competitive U.S. House races in these states, 29 of which are currently held by Republicans. Of course, don’t expect results right away. We put down 11:30pm because about three-and-a-half hours passed between poll close and race call in the average swing state for the 2016 presidential election.

By 11:30pm, we may have a good idea of whether Democrats will flip enough Republican-held seats to retake the House – by 8pm, polls will have closed in 61 competitive House races (54 held by Republicans). Same goes for control of the Senate, where by 8pm polls will have closed in 11 competitive Senate races (eight held by Democrats).


If you’re a night owl and you’re still up into Wednesday morning, expect an even clearer picture to develop by 2:30am ET. That’s three-and-a-half hours after the polls close in Washington, Oregon, and California. Collectively, there are 16 competitive House seats in those three states, 13 held by Republicans.

By 2:30am, all of America’s polls will have closed, and results should be coming in for most of 104 competitive U.S. House seats, 16 competitive U.S. Senate races, and 25 competitive gubernatorial contests.

Make sure you follow along with NTK’s Election Night coverage here. We’ll be tracking all the key races.

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