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7 Things Trump Wants to Do on Guns

The Trump administration rolled out a proposal on Sunday night, and the president tweeted about some of the items on Monday morning.

By NTK Staff | 03.12.2018 @4:00pm
7 Things Trump Wants to Do on Guns

President Trump is taking another step toward implementing measures his administration claims will reduce gun violence, with the rollout of a multi-part proposal to reporters on Sunday night.

The Associated Press reported several elements on the latest proposal, a more formal version of what was a free-wheeling, bipartisan discussion at the White House several weeks ago:

  • “[H]elp states pay for firearms training for teachers”
  • “[I]mprove the background check system”
  • Create “a new federal commission on school safety will examine the age issue [as in, the minimum age to purchase an assault weapon], as well as a long list of others topics”
  • Calls “on states to pass temporary, court-issued Risk Protection Orders, which allow law enforcement to confiscate guns from individuals who pose risks to themselves and others, and temporarily prevent them from buying firearms”
  • Calls “for the reform and expansion of mental health programs, as well as a full audit and review of the FBI tip line”
  • Support congressional efforts to pass the bipartisan “Fix NICS” bill
  • Call on Congress to “pass a second bill that would create a federal grant program to train students, teachers and school officials how to identify signs of potential violence and intervene early”

In tweets after the proposal, Trump focused on background checks, banning bump stocks, and arming teachers:

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