A Complete Compilation of Nancy Pelosi's Confusion... In 2017 | NTK Network A Complete Compilation of Nancy Pelosi’s Confusion… In 2017

A Complete Compilation of Nancy Pelosi’s Confusion… In 2017

The House Minority Leader has developed a troubling pattern of referring to former President Bush as the acting president.

By NTK Staff | 06.09.2017 @1:49pm
A Complete Compilation of Nancy Pelosi’s Confusion… In 2017

Nancy Pelosi is confused. At least, that’s what it seems based on a series of clips compiled by the NTK Network in which the House Minority Leader repeatedly refers to Donald Trump as “President Bush,” a man who hasn’t served that role in nearly a decade. See below for examples:

Pelosi referred to Trump as President Bush for the first time in February saying, “‘We’ve seen nothing where we can, where — where I can work with President Bush on.”

After Pelosi’s blunder, Rep. Maxine Water (D-CA) who was standing next to Pelosi, looked around, visibly worried by Pelosi’s gaffe.

Then in April, Pelosi was at it again, this time during an interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

“Whoever wins understands the priorities of the American people, and they are not what President Bush–” Pelosi told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos before catching herself.

“I’m so sorry, President Bush. I never thought I’d pray for the day that you were president again,” Pelosi joked in an attempt to clean up her mistake.

While speaking at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco in May, Pelosi again mistook Bush for the current president.

“And a lot of those people voted for George— for, what’s his name,” Pelosi asked the moderator apparently struggling to remember Trump’s name.

Pelosi’s most recent blunder happened during here weekly press conference on Friday.

“He operates this way: first he tries to charm you. President Bush tries to charm you,” Pelosi said while answering a reporter’s questions, before saying that President Trump needs sleep.

Moments after that gaffe, Pelosi was handed a note from an aide informing her of her blunder. Pelosi tried to brush it off, claiming once again that it’s hard for her to call Trump President.

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