A 'Fundraising Crisis' is Crippling the Democratic Party | NTK Network A ‘Fundraising Crisis’ is Crippling the Democratic Party

A ‘Fundraising Crisis’ is Crippling the Democratic Party

Over the first six months of 2017, the RNC raised $75 million while Democrats pulled in just $38 million.

By NTK Staff | 08.10.2017 @10:01am
A ‘Fundraising Crisis’ is Crippling the Democratic Party

If cable news talking heads and protesters were someone’s sole source of news, that person would likely think President Trump is leading a dying party on life support.

The reality is it’s the Democrats who are struggling to stay relevant. Politico published a story Thursday morning that noted Democrats have raised barely half of what Republicans have brought in this year:

Over the first six months of 2017, the Republican National Committee pulled in $75 million—nearly twice as much money as the Democratic National Committee, which raised $38 million. The predicament isn’t simply that there is a funding gap between the parties; it’s what kind of money they attract. Republicans have quietly taken a decisive edge over Democrats when it comes to small-dollar fundraising.

During that same six-month time span, the RNC raised $33 million in small contributions—money from people who donate $200 or less over an election cycle—while that same class of donors gave the DNC just $21 million.

Democrats are undergoing a fundraising crisis. But why? The answer is simple: while Democrats are focused on the “doom and gloom” of the Trump presidency, Republicans are offering a more positive message.

In the Trump era, the Democratic Party has sputtered along with fundraising appeals focused on scare tactics—understandable, but counterproductive. Meanwhile, Trump—a billionaire who is already president—is still winning grass-roots donors by offering his supporters an empowering message.

DNC Chair Tom Perez has thus far proven to be a lousy chairman and a worse fundraiser. If he can’t turn around the DNC’s failing fundraising operation with Trump in the White House, he might find himself looking for a new job soon.

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