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About NTK Network…

There's been a lot of news and misinformation lately about our site. We wanted to take a moment to give you the information you need to know about NTK Network.

By NTK Staff | 11.16.2018 @11:45am
About NTK Network…

There’s been a lot of news and misinformation lately about our site. We wanted to take a moment to give you the information you need to know about NTK Network.

First, we launched our company in July 2016 with a note in Politico:

NEW JOE POUNDER project — “Today, Joe Pounder, Fran Brennan, Jeff Bechdel, and Andrew Lautz launched Need to Know (NTK) Network, a news-aggregating platform focused on covering stories principally in politics, finance, and policy, using a unique process to bring everything you Need to Know together quickly and concisely.” http://ntknetwork.com

For years, all involved had been working on campaigns producing content to shape the news environment. We see unique angles coming out of the national and cable news coverage each day. By 2016, we thought about giving it a shot on our own and started this company with very little idea if we would succeed or not. Since then, we’ve built a loyal following and sites all across the ideological spectrum have used the angles we uncover.

Second, we are definitely conservative. There are no two ways about that. We have a perspective, just like Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo have one on the left.

Third, we have done over 8,000 posts with a three-man staff since 2016. See below our top 10 most popular posts.

Fourth, we do not and did not work with Facebook. We share offices with a firm that does. Joe Pounder works with that firm, but Pounder has many separate projects, not unlike David Brock, who runs a news aggregation platform too that we note The New York Times actually profiled (along with a Vanity Fair profile too):

Shareblue is owned by David Brock, the onetime Clinton critic who remade himself into a Clinton supporter and architect of a conglomerate of organizations designed, he said, to be the liberal answer to the conservative messaging of Fox News.

The Brock network includes his Media Matters for America watchdog website; two pro-Clinton “super PACs,” the opposition research outfit American Bridge and the pro-Clinton fact-checking and reporter-spamming operation Correct the Record; and Shareblue, which filled the need, Mr. Brock said, for a progressive outlet that spoke directly to the grass roots and which “was avidly and unabashedly pro-Hillary.”

Fifth, how can NTK be labeled a “fake news platform” when The New York Times, NBC News, The Hill, Huffington Post, LA Times, Salon, and Fox News have linked to our content over the years? Unfortunately, journalists like to call anything “fake news” that proves you can write legitimate news angles without having to work in their newsrooms. They do a disservice to the nation by delegitimizing the term “fake news” in such a way.

Sixth, NTK Network gets pitched a lot of stories each day by people and professionals all across the country. We imagine each has motive, but we look to see if the angle is one we want to write on and one our audience actually cares about. And at times, we get worked up on angles that no one cares about except us.

A lot can be said about NTK Network. You may not like what we cover, but we have had a blast over the last 3 years building something in a brand new industry for us.


The Editors…
Joe Pounder
Fran Brennan
Jeff Bechdel

Top 10 Posts…

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