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Advisers Urge Warren to Apologize for DNA Test Debacle

Warren’s DNA test was designed to put questions to rest about her Native American ancestry. Instead, it created a new layer of headaches for the potential 2020 candidate.

By NTK Staff | 12.06.2018 @10:15am
Advisers Urge Warren to Apologize for DNA Test Debacle

If Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) decides to run for president, she’ll need to revisit the DNA test results she released earlier this year. If worst comes to worst, Warren may even need to offer a “strong statement of apology.”

That’s according to a New York Times report published Thursday that took a closer look at what’s happened since Warren’s initial DNA test announcement, and how the political fallout has impacted the Massachusetts Democrat’s strategy for a potential 2020 presidential campaign.

But nearly two months after Ms. Warren released the test results and drew hostile reactions from prominent tribal leaders, the lingering cloud over her likely presidential campaign has only darkened. Conservatives have continued to ridicule her. More worrisome to supporters of Ms. Warren’s presidential ambitions, she has yet to allay criticism from grass-roots progressive groups, liberal political operatives and other potential 2020 allies who complain that she put too much emphasis on the controversial field of racial science — and, in doing so, played into Mr. Trump’s hands.

Advisers close to Ms. Warren say she has privately expressed concern that she may have damaged her relationships to Native American groups and her own standing with progressive activists, particularly those who are racial minorities. Several outside advisers are even more worried: They say they believe a plan should be made to repair that damage, possibly including a strong statement of apology.

At a minimum, Warren’s advisers are telling her that she must “confront the issue again,” if she plans to mount a credible White House run. The New York Times noted that a decision is expected from Warren “in the coming weeks.”

At issue are the Native American and liberal groups who fumed at Warren’s handling of the situation. The Cherokee Nation said Warren’s stunt dishonored “legitimate tribal governments and their citizens.” One Cherokee genealogist said Warren could have used the opportunity to show how genetic testing has been used against Native people, but instead “helped perpetuate a very dangerous idea.”

At least one anonymous Warren adviser called Warren’s DNA test rollout “a strategic failure,” then going further to call it “depressing and unforgettable.” Publicly, however, Warren has made no concessions, nor has she offered any public regrets about how the DNA test was handled.

But this issue isn’t going away for Warren. Her team will need to figure out a comprehensive strategy to address it, or she risks it sinking her 2020 hopes before the campaign even gets off the ground.

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