After Tax Win, Trump Signals What's to Come in 2018 | NTK Network After Tax Win, Trump Signals What’s to Come in 2018

After Tax Win, Trump Signals What’s to Come in 2018

Obamacare and taxes are so 2017. What's ahead in 2018? The president is sending strong signals.

By NTK Staff | 12.22.2017 @9:00am
After Tax Win, Trump Signals What’s to Come in 2018

President Trump sent a strong signal on Friday morning that he will shift his focus to infrastructure in 2018, after a tumultuous first year in office that included a low of failing to repeal Obamacare and a high of ushering in the first major tax bill in years.

Trump predicted, in a tweet on Friday morning, that Democrats will start working with him and the GOP majority on one issue in particular: fixing the nation’s roads, highways, bridges, and more.

The tweet echoes language Trump used in an earlier tweet on infrastructure, albeit one that was more controversial because the president sent it right after a tragic Amtrak derailment in Washington state killed several people.

The tweets on infrastucture send a strong signal that Trump will spend 2018 focusing on infrastructure. Reports out of the White House and comments from Trump suggested that infrastructure, health care, or welfare reform could all be the next focus for Trump and congressional Republicans.

It appears the president is leaning toward infrastructure, which has more potential for bipartisan work and support than politically-fraught fights over health care and welfare.

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