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Al Franken Says He Regrets Resigning from the Senate

According to a New Yorker interview, the man accused by at least six women of sexual harassment and assault says he wishes he had just endured the backlash and stayed in office.

By NTK Staff | 07.22.2019 @1:44pm
Al Franken Says He Regrets Resigning from the Senate

Former Sen. Al Franken, credibly accused by at least six separate women of varying degrees of sexual harassment and assault, told the New Yorker that he wishes he hadn’t resigned from the Senate.

The accusations resulted in 32 of Franken’s Senate colleagues demanding he resign in 2017. When Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer increased the pressure behind the scenes, Franken caved and stepped down.

But apparently some of those Democrats have had second thoughts about their calls for his resignation:

A remarkable number of Franken’s Senate colleagues have regrets about their own roles in his fall. Seven current and former U.S. senators who demanded Franken’s resignation in 2017 told me that they’d been wrong to do so. Such admissions are unusual in an institution whose members rarely concede mistakes.

And Franken himself is among those who wishes he hadn’t done it. Asked if he regrets resigning, Franken said, “Oh, yeah. Absolutely.”

He wishes that he had appeared before a Senate Ethics Committee hearing, as he had requested, allowing him to marshal facts that countered the narrative aired in the press. It is extremely rare for a senator to resign under pressure.

To be clear, Franken was accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct, much of it involving inappropriate touching. The New Yorker story does not elaborate on why Franken or any of his Senate colleagues suddenly believe this behavior is no longer unbecoming of a U.S. senator.

But it does say that they feel he did not get a fair shake. Some reporters on Twitter take issue with that perspective, however:

Indeed, if Franken had dug his heels in, he would have created a media circus not unlike the one that surrounded Gov. Ralph Northam, who admitted to wearing blackface on more than one occasion. Northam refused to resign and remains Virginia’s governor.

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