Alec Baldwin: I'd Beat Trump in 2020 | NTK Network Alec Baldwin: I’d Beat Trump in 2020

Alec Baldwin: I’d Beat Trump in 2020

The actor and Trump impersonator thinks that he would certainly win the presidency if he ran.

By NTK Staff | 06.12.2018 @11:19am

Actor Alec Baldwin said on Monday that he would beat President Trump if he decided to run for president in 2020, in an appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

“I can only think of a couple people who I think could beat Trump,” he told Stern.

The radio host then suggested that the actor and Trump impersonator run himself.

“If I ran, I would win,” Baldwin responded. “By 1,000 percent.”

He joked that as president he would take the entire summer off to spend with his kids, slipping into his Trump impersonation.

The actor called for “common sense,” saying that the country needs a lot of “obvious” things done.

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