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All the Chants From Trump’s Arizona Rally

The crowd loves their president and hates the 'fake news' media.

By NTK Staff | 08.23.2017 @2:23pm
All the Chants From Trump’s Arizona Rally

At President Trump’s rally in Arizona Tuesday night, the pro-Trump crowd broke out some classic chants while introducing some new ones. Here’s the definitive list of all the chants the crowd belted out during his 90-minute speech:

CNN sucks! CNN sucks!: It’s pretty rich that CNN had to carry live a crowd of thousands of people mocking their network to its face.

Build that Wall! Build that Wall!: Trump’s base loves the border wall. The president threatened to shut down the government if he didn’t get it.

Pardon Joe! Pardon Joe!: The Arizona crowd was begging the president to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a move that he indicated he would likely take.

Lock her up! Lock her up!: This is a classic chant that Trump crowds repeated throughout the 2016 campaign, calling for Hillary Clinton’s imprisonment.

McCain’s got to go! McCain’s got to go!: Unhappy with their senator’s vote on health care, Trump’s supporters apparently want the former presidential candidate out.

Drain that swamp! Drain that swamp!: A repeat of President Trump’s promise as an outsider – that he would swoop into Washington and clean things up.

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