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Andrew Cuomo Dodges on 2nd Amendment Repeal

Initially dodging the question on CNN, Cuomo ultimately abandonded his liberal base on the issue. Nonetheless, he called for stricter gun regulations.

By NTK Staff | 04.01.2018 @8:57am

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) attempted to weasel his way out of a question on the Second Amendment on CNN Saturday, but CNN’s Ana Cabrera forced the governor to confront the issue.

Asked about former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ recent New York Times op-ed, which argues for repeal of the amendment that protects gun rights, Cuomo defaulted to anti-NRA talking points and support for further gun control.

“The NRA’s argument is everything is a slippery slope. Waking up in the morning is a slippery slope, according to the NRA,” he said.

The Democrat touted the anti-gun legislation that he has signed into law, calling it “sensible gun control,” saying Second Amendment repeal discussions are a “red herring.”

Cabrera pressed Cuomo to offer a definitive answer on a repeal of the Second Amendment. He answered that he opposed repeal, but not because the governor supports gun rights.

In fact, the governor’s ostensible support of the Second Amendment stems from his desire to avoid giving the NRA a talking point.

“I don’t believe the Second Amendment should be repealed because you’re playing into the NRA’s hands,” Cuomo said.

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