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Andrew Cuomo Is No Champion of Women

Despite claims by Cuomo that he is a champion of women, he recently attacked a female reporter and still stands by former President Bill Clinton.

By NTK Staff | 01.03.2018 @2:42pm

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) attempted to paint himself as a champion of women who have faced sexual harassment and assault in the workplace during his State of the State address on Wednesday, but New Yorkers shouldn’t be fooled: Cuomo is no champion of women.

“Our country is finally taking a long look in the mirror as to how we treat women, and we are disgusted with what we see, and we should be,” Cuomo told the audience. “Our challenge is to now turn society’s revolution into reform.”

Cuomo then proposed that no taxpayer money should be used to pay settlements involving public officials accused sexual harassment or assault.

“Let New York stand and say we are not the state of denial. We acknowledge the longstanding bias and abuse against women, and New York says it stops, it stops now, and we will set the standard for other governments and industries to follow, and that is the New York way,” Cuomo concluded.

Despite Cuomo’s strong words, his past actions tell a different story.

Cuomo recently attacked a female reporter for asking a question about sexual harassment in state government and accused her of doing a “disservice to women,” in a testy exchange that occurred in December.

The next day, Cuomo held his birthday fund-raising party with former President Bill Clinton who has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment in the past and even paid one of his accusers $850,000 to settle a case against him.

Cuomo served as Clinton’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, despite multiple women having accused Clinton sexual harassment.

New York’s own Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has said that Clinton’s past conduct would have been inexcusable today and that the former president would have to resign.

Cuomo has made no such statement regarding Clinton and Cuomo’s continued public appearances with the former president would suggest that Cuomo does not believe Clinton’s accusers.

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