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Anita Hill Slams Joe Biden

The sexual harassment accuser criticized the former senator and vice president for his role in her Senate Judiciary Committee.

By NTK Staff | 11.22.2017 @2:30pm
Anita Hill Slams Joe Biden

Anita Hill, the attorney who accused a Supreme Court nominee of sexual harassment in the 1990s, criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for his role in the Senate hearing on her allegations.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Hill blamed Biden for the proceedings surrounding the hearing. At the time, Biden was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he has since expressed remorse over the issue.

For Hill though, that’s not enough, according to a summary from The Hill:

During an interview with The Washington Post, she was asked about Biden’s recent apology, in which he said he was sorry if Hill felt she didn’t get a “fair hearing.”

“That’s sort of an, ‘I’m sorry if you were offended,’ ” Hill said.

She continued: “I still don’t think it takes ownership of his role in what happened. And he also doesn’t understand that it wasn’t just that I felt it was not fair.”

“It was that women were looking to the Senate Judiciary Committee and his leadership to really open the way to have these kinds of hearings.”

Hill and other congressional Democratic women criticized Biden for not bringing other supposed accusers before the committee. The Post also interviewed those women members of Congress, who took exception to Biden’s handling of the hearings.

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