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Antifa Attacks Trump Supporters, Journalists in Berkeley

When Trump supporters tried to rally in Berkeley, the left responded violently.

By NTK Staff | 08.28.2017 @3:18pm
Antifa Attacks Trump Supporters, Journalists in Berkeley

A demonstration in Berkeley on Sunday turned violent when Antifa extremists attacked pro-Trump protesters and members of the media.

A left-wing counterprotest dwarfed the small gathering of Trump supporters, but the leftists eventually moved in to inflict physical violence on the conservative group, according to CBS:

Thousands gathered Sunday in response to a planned anti-Marxism protest that was canceled amid concerns demonstrators might be attacked. The counter-demonstration was largely peaceful for several hours until the antifa, or anti-fascists, overran police barricades around the protest area. The violence was swift but brief, and among those targeted was Joey Gibson, leader of the right-wing organization Patriot Prayer that had called off a demonstration a day earlier in San Francisco.

Journalists at the scene captured images of left-wing protesters swarming around conservatives:

Antifa eventually turned the scene violent, physically attacking right-wing demonstrators. In this video, black-clad Antifa extremists attack a man on the streets of Berkley, but one brave counter-protester jumped on top of his supposed ideological foe to protect him from the blows:

The violence did not stop with attacks on the right, as Antifa also assaulted journalists in an effort to censor the narrative of the day. Extremists chased a reporter in an effort to seize his phone because of what he had filmed:

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