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Apple Faces Complaints About iPhone Addiction

The tech giant is being blamed for "iPhone addiction" among children, and its investors want the company to help parents.

By NTK Staff | 01.08.2018 @11:03am

Apple is facing complaints about parental controls from two of its investors with the Apple shareholders penning an open letter slamming the company’s handling of the issue.

Investors Barry Rosenstein and Anne Sheehan called on Apple to improve its parental control options and allow parents to limit the time that their children spend on their phones. Citing studies that showed an epidemic of phone addiction among children and teenagers, the pair asked Apple to consider a more flexible setting for parental controls:

While these studies (and common sense) would suggest a balanced approach, we note that Apple’s current limited set of parental controls in fact dictate a more binary, all or nothing approach, with parental options limited largely to shutting down or allowing full access to various tools and functions. While there are apps that offer more options, there are a dizzying array of them (which often leads people to make no choice at all), it is not clear what research has gone into developing them, few if any offer the full array of options that the research would suggest, and they are clearly no substitute for Apple putting these choices front and center for parents.

CNN covered the letter on their morning show, “New Day,” asking if Apple truly did enough to protect kids from addiction.

Host Alisyn Camerota said the threat of addiction to phones was “real” and could lead to “a higher level of suicide and depression.” She argued that parents had a certain amount of responsibility, but Apple had to help them out with their devices.

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