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Apple Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Slowed iPhones

The company has a long history of messing with their hardware, ruining consumers' experience.

By NTK Staff | 12.22.2017 @11:01am

Consumers have launched a class action lawsuit against Apple after reports emerged that the company intentionally slowed down old models of iPhones when their batteries began to lose power.

Apple claimed that the practice was to maintain “optimal performance” in the phones. But their refusal to disclose the modification could have forced consumers to purchase new phones when all they needed was a new battery.

Now consumers are fighting back, according to CNBC:

However, Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas brought a class action lawsuit in California — where they are residents — against Apple, an official filing revealed Thursday.

They claim that Apple never requested consent from them to “slow down their iPhones.” Both plaintiffs are owners of an iPhone 7. Bogdanovich and Speas claim they “suffered interferences to their iPhone usage due to the intentional slowdowns.”

Both people are also claiming damages from Apple because they said the company’s actions caused them to suffer “economic damages and other harm for which they are entitled to compensation.”

Apple is also engaged in litigation with Qualcomm, who has alleged the iPhone producer intentionally slows down Qualcomm-chipped phones to place them on par with Qualcomm’s competitors.

With two instances of litigation alleging the same misconduct, Apple appears to have been caught tampering with their own product for personal profit.

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