Apple Re-releasing Its Original iPhone To Celebrate The Phone's 10th Anniversary... | NTK Network Apple Re-releasing Its Original iPhone To Celebrate The Phone’s 10th Anniversary…

Apple Re-releasing Its Original iPhone To Celebrate The Phone’s 10th Anniversary…

Just kidding, though if you look at the original iPhone and the latest version of the phone, not much has changed in the past decade.

By NTK Staff | 06.29.2017 @6:00am
Apple Re-releasing Its Original iPhone To Celebrate The Phone’s 10th Anniversary…

Apple released the original iPhone 10 years ago today, and while the tech giant has released multiple versions of the iPhone since that time, not much has changed since the original iPhone was released on June 29, 2007.

Nobody can deny, however, the massive impact that the original iPhone had on the world. Allow yourself for a minute to go back in time.

The year is 2007: Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” is atop the Billboard charts, “Night at the Museum” is the number one movie in America, the final Harry Potter book was about to be released, and a little known senator from Illinois by the name of Barack Obama was making big, big plans.

But nothing that happened in 2007 would have a bigger impact on the world than the iPhone.

It’s hard to imagine today, but the original iPhone was the first mobile device to feature “point-and-shoot cameras, dashboard GPS units, camcorders, PDAs and, yes, even the iPod.” To say the first iPhone was revolutionary would be an understatement.

What’s probably even harder to imagine is that the company that was at the forefront of innovation for mobile devices hasn’t done much innovation since June 29, 2007, allowing its competitors to catch up to the tech giant and even surpass Apple.

Since the first iPhone was released, the limited changes that the tech giant has made to its other versions of the iPhone have mainly been on the backend.

CNET did a report ahead of the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone that highlighted the differences between the iPhone 7, today’s model, and the original iPhone.

The article noted how the iPhone 7 has bigger dimensions than the original, which was a change that Apple was forced to make because of the size of its competitor Samsung’s phones.

Business Insider wrote about Apple copying Samsung’s bigger dimensions in 2014:

Apple lagged, and then copied it.

It’s a humiliating position to be in for a company that professes to make the best gadgets in the world. It was Apple, after all, who invented the touchscreen smartphone market back in 2007.

The CNET article also highlighted improvements Apple has made to the iPhone’s camera. But the iPhone camera, which used to be the best on the market, got surpassed by Samsung’s Galaxy S6 two years ago.

A recent review by Forbes that compared the Galaxy S8 to the iPhone 7 found that Samsung’s camera is still better than Apple’s.

CNET also highlighted an improvement from the original iPhone to today’s: the increase in speed when it comes to tapping into cellular network.

But this is another area where Apple’s iPhones now lag behind Samsung and other Android devices. What’s worse is Apple’s decision to use cut costs and use multiple processor chip providers. The result is that Apple has been accused of “limiting the Qualcomm modems in iPhones so the performance would be on par with the Intel-powered version.”

Apple’s lack of innovation isn’t limited to just its iPhones, though. Look at Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which highlighted this lack of innovation. Several observers at the conference noted that Apple had lost its creative edge over its competitors.

Inc. wrote a story following the WWDC titled, “Apple Is In an Innovation Slump,” which commented:

What Apple didn’t announce is anything that will change the trajectory of its business or the future of technology. For the moment, at least, it has become a staid old company limping after younger, more innovative peers.

While there is no doubt that Apple’s original iPhone changed the world forever, there isn’t much doubt that in the decade since, the tech giant hasn’t done much to improve its flagship product.

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