Are the World's Two Largest Countries at the Brink of War? | NTK Network Are the World’s Two Largest Countries at the Brink of War?

Are the World’s Two Largest Countries at the Brink of War?

Lost in the U.S. political scrum and the drama over North Korea is a very real border conflict between the world's two largest countries, reports The Washington Post.

By NTK Staff | 08.17.2017 @3:30pm
Are the World’s Two Largest Countries at the Brink of War?

China and India are the world’s two largest countries by population. They also may be close to a military clash, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

From Annie Gowen and Simon Denyer:

For the past two months, Indian and Chinese troops have faced off on a plateau in the Himalayas in tense proximity, in a dispute prompted by moves by the Chinese military to build a road into territory claimed by India’s close ally, Bhutan.

India has suggested that both sides withdraw, and its foreign minister said in Parliament that the dispute can be resolved only by dialogue.

Yet China has vociferously defended the right it claims to build a road in the Doklam area, land it also claims.

It’s not the only military conflict for India involving another nuclear power. India and Pakistan skirmished last year over the Kashmir territory. India controls around 45 percent of the region, Pakistan controls 35 percent, and China the other 20 percent. Like India and China, Pakistan has nuclear weapons.

Much of the world’s attention has been on the U.S. and North Korea – and rightfully so, as Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump trade verbal blows – but both China and India possess more nuclear weapons than North Korea.

Whose side would the U.S. take in a China-India war? It’s unclear, but Trump may be starting his own (trade) war with China at any moment.

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