Arian Foster: We Won't Be Playing Football in 50 Years. It's an Extremely Dangerous Sport | NTK Network Arian Foster: We Won’t Be Playing Football in 50 Years. It’s an Extremely Dangerous Sport

Arian Foster: We Won’t Be Playing Football in 50 Years. It’s an Extremely Dangerous Sport

"I may develop CTE in my life," former NFL running back Arian Foster said during an interview on Wednesday.

By NTK Staff | 12.20.2017 @9:57am

Former NFL running back Arian Foster expressed his belief that within the next 50 years, people will stop playing football, citing the dangers the sport poses to an individual’s health. He added that he could have Chronic Trauma Encephalopathy (CTE) from his time in the NFL, which is a reason why he won’t support his children playing the sport.

Foster, who retired from the NFL in 2016, made these remarks during an interview on Barstool Sport’s “Pardon My Take” on Wednesday. CTE “is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in people with a history of repetitive brain trauma,” and is often found in football players.

Barstool’s Dan Katz asked Foster whether he thought health risks like CTE jeopardized the future of football in America.

“I do,” Foster said. “Not in the near future. But, I would say in the future…. I would say, like 50-60 years down the road, because if you look at the science, it’s getting more and more clear on it that this is an extremely dangerous sport.”

Foster then told Katz the health risk that football poses is one of the reasons why he would not let his kids playing football.

“I took all those hits. I sacrificed. I may develop CTE in my life, there’s no telling,” Foster added.

Foster said he did this so that he could create financial freedom for his family, and there is no reason his children should have to make that sacrifice.

“The science is getting even more and more clear. It’s becoming dangerous…. The reason why I fell in love with football was because it was very violent in nature and you love those big hits,” Foster added.

As more scientific studies are conducted on the effects playing football has on the human brain, it is Foster’s belief that the NFL will change the rules to make the sport less aggressive, resulting in a decline in viewership.

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