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Arizona Special Election Preview: Republican Expected to Win

Despite great outsized speculation and fanfare, the Republican in AZ-08 is expected to win the deep red district in Tuesday’s special election.

By NTK Staff | 04.24.2018 @2:15pm
Arizona Special Election Preview: Republican Expected to Win

The storyline in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District special election race might not sell newspapers or produce clicks, but the Republican in the race is expected to win the Republican-leaning district in suburban Phoenix on Tuesday night.

State Rep. Debbie Lesko, a Republican, is running against Democrat Hiral Tirneni for the seat vacated by former Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ). Despite much ballyhoo, Lesko is predicted to win by “a high single-digit margin” Tuesday night.

A poll released last week sent shockwaves through the political community when it showed Lesko and Tirneni locked in a neck-and-neck race. The result was a series of headlines, particularly from left-leaning publications about Democrats’ chances of winning the deep red district.

Not that long ago Republicans thought that the March 14 special election in the 18th congressional district of Pennsylvania, a Trump stronghold, would offer a firebreak against the streak of adverse special election results. No such luck. But surely this month’s special congressional election in the eighth district of Arizona, an even stronger GOP district, would be a breeze, right?

Maybe not. A new poll of district voters by Emerson College shows Democrat Hiral Tipirneni leading Republican state senator Debbie Lesko by a 46-45 margin.

But Dave Wasserman, political analyst and reporter for the Cook Political Report, brought that conversation back down to reality with a series of tweets that analyzed the early vote results, which showed Republicans actually outperforming expectations last week.

Democrats and numerous complicit media outlets are eager to use each and every special election and primary to announce the arrival of the so-called “blue wave” that they seem to hope will wipe out Republican majorities in the House and possibly even the Senate.

The reality, however, is that races like this special election in Arizona simply don’t deliver on the far-fetched promises made by Democrats and the national media.

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