As Late as October 2016, Mo Brooks Wouldn't Say Whether He Was Voting for Donald Trump | NTK Network As Late as October 2016, Mo Brooks Wouldn’t Say Whether He Was Voting for Donald Trump

As Late as October 2016, Mo Brooks Wouldn’t Say Whether He Was Voting for Donald Trump

During an interview on the Dale Jackson Show, Brooks refused on four occasions to say if he was voting for Donald Trump.

By NTK Staff | 07.11.2017 @4:48pm

Republicans running in Alabama’s Senate special election are all vying for the support of President Trump, who won the state by 28 points in November. Possibly nobody has a bigger uphill fight to earn that support than Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL).

Brooks was a very vocal never-Trumper throughout the 2016 Republican primary, but audio from an October 2016 radio interview show Brooks was unwilling to support Trump even after he had won the Republican Party’s nomination for president.

Appearing on The Dale Jackson Show on October 11, 2016 Brooks was asked who he was going to vote for in the upcoming election.

Dale Jackson cited a previous statement Brooks had made about voting for every Republican on the ballot, and whether that meant he would be voting for Trump.

“I didn’t say that. I said I’m gonna vote for a Republican that is on the ballot,” Brooks responded.

Jackson followed up by asking Brooks if he was implying that Trump was not a Republican.

“Well, everybody has to make up their own minds about that,” Brooks told Jackson.

Jackson asked Brooks again whether he thought Trump was a Republican.

Brooks dodged the question, telling Jackson that he would vote for every Republican on the ballot and that Hillary Clinton was worse than Trump, but would not elaborate on who he was voting for.

Jackson again pointed out the Trump was a Republican.

“Dale, you’re not gonna get a different quote out of me,” Brooks responded.

“I know, I’m just gonna have to keep hammering it though. I’m trying to drive this home here for a second. So, is Donald Trump a Republican?” Jackson asked Brooks, yet again.

Jackson’s question was met with silence from Brooks, which caused Jackson to laugh and ask once again if Donald Trump was a Republican.

“This is gonna be a pretty short interview if you keep pressing me on it,” a seemingly-irritated Brooks responded. “I’ll say what I said, this’ll be the third time. Hillary Clinton is worse than Donald Trump, as a president of the United States, and I’m gonna vote for all of the Republicans on the ballot.”

Jackson’s pointed out to Brooks that his answer would allow voters to infer whatever they wanted from Brooks’ answer, and asked Brooks if that bothered him.

“Voters can infer as they wish,” Brooks responded.

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