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Attorney Who Deposed Trump in ’11 Has CNN Meltdown

"Why are you subjecting me to this?!" she exclaimed while her fellow panelists were speaking.

By NTK Staff | 01.26.2018 @5:00pm

To discuss the Mueller investigation and potential Russian interference in the 2016 campaign on Friday, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin brought on CNN legal analyst Michael Zeldin, former Director of the Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub, and Elizabeth Beck, who deposed Donald Trump in 2011.

For the first few minutes of the above video, Baldwin goes to Shaub and Zeldin for analysis. Watch Beck during their comments. She seemed confused and angry at the program.

Eventually, as Shaub is speaking, Beck exclaims, “Why are you subjecting me to this!?” CNN then cut her out of the shot and instead focused on only Zeldin and Shaub.

Baldwin shot her producers a look of confusion following the outburst.

After getting the boot from CNN, Beck went live on Twitter, where she attempted to explain her erratic behavior:

“I don’t know why all you crazy people on Twitter think that I had a meltdown,” she tells the camera. “I was just very, very irritated.”

Beck then complained about the panel format and that CNN would not let her speak first. The lawyer criticized the choice of Shaub and Zeldin for the panel for having “no connection to Trump.”

Beck really went off the rails with her tweets, attack “black [people],” CNN, Shaub, and Zeldin.

According to her Twitter bio, Beck runs “JamPAC, a progressive super PAC.”

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