Ben Rhodes 'Worries' That Iranians Might Overthrow Ayatollah | NTK Network Ben Rhodes ‘Worries’ That Iranians Might Overthrow Ayatollah

Ben Rhodes ‘Worries’ That Iranians Might Overthrow Ayatollah

The former Obama official claimed that regime change in Tehran would be a mistake.

By NTK Staff | 08.06.2018 @12:58pm

Former Obama foreign official Ben Rhodes said that he “worr[ies]” the Iranian people might overthrow the ayatollah, in an appearance on MSNBC on Monday.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell speculated the Iranian people would target Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and not the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps or the Iranian military.

“We all support a more democratic Iran. We wanted to encourage that evolution,” Rhodes said, before hedging.

“If there is a collapse [of the Ayatollah’s theocracy], if we do see protest, people might want to support the right of protest of people in the street,” he explained. “But the people who are most poised to win a power struggle in Iran are the people with guns – the IRGC, the Revolutionary Guard – where you could get something worse.”

So instead of helping Iranians gain access to weaponry, Rhodes speculated the best path might be to prop up the ayatollah’s regime.

“I worry we may try to tip the regime over and get an even worse outcome,” he added.

As the Trump administration prepares to impose sanctions on the regime, protests erupted against the ayatollah across Iran.

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