Bernie Flip-Flops on High-Dollar Fundraisers He Once Called ‘Obscene’ | NTK Network Bernie Flip-Flops on High-Dollar Fundraisers He Once Called ‘Obscene’

Bernie Flip-Flops on High-Dollar Fundraisers He Once Called ‘Obscene’

In 2016, Sanders criticized Hillary Clinton for attending high-end, ritzy events to raise money for her campaign. Now, Sanders has hired a professional fundraiser and is hosting in-person events.

By NTK Staff | 05.22.2019 @10:30am
Bernie Flip-Flops on High-Dollar Fundraisers He Once Called ‘Obscene’

Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) reversed a long-held policy of his and hired a full-time fundraiser to help coordinate in-person events to help the Vermont senator raise money for his presidential campaign.

It’s quite a leap from his 2016 presidential campaign when he criticized Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing, calling those events “obscene.”

But Sanders’ move does include a few slight tweaks that help avoid calls of blatant hypocrisy:

The Vermont senator has decided to hold in-person fundraising events where donors of all means will be invited and the media will be allowed. He has also hired a fundraiser to oversee the effort, a position he did not have in his 2016 bid.

Still, the overall strategy is a clear departure from Sanders’ online-only approach to fundraising. Supporters at rallies often chanted “$27” in 2016, a reference to his average donation that year.

But Sanders’ shift in fundraising strategy appears to be an acknowledgement that grassroots donations will not be enough this cycle. Politico reported Tuesday that former Vice President Joe Biden snagged $2.2 million during a two-day fundraising swing through Florida this week

Sanders and fellow liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have criticized Biden for events like these in the past. But at least one loudmouth supporter of Biden’s isn’t taking the insults lying down:

“It’s sour grapes, like saying they wouldn’t join a club that wouldn’t have them as a member anyway,” said John Morgan, the Orlando-area trial lawyer who hosted a Biden fundraiser at his home on Tuesday and said after the event that he had collected $1.8 million in donations and future pledges to Biden.

“What they [Sanders and Warren] are doing is playing a game to try to block him from taking low-hanging fruit that, in some cases, they can’t get. But in other cases, they haven’t even tried. Joe has,” Morgan said.

Morgan raises an interesting question here: even with Sanders relaxing his self-imposed fundraising rules, are there enough deep-pocketed donors who would give a maxed-out donation in exchange for a semi-private meeting with him? It seems we’re about to find out.

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