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Biden Picks Philadelphia for Campaign Headquarters

After much speculation, the former vice president picked a city from his birth state and close to home in Delaware.

By NTK Staff | 05.16.2019 @2:30pm
Biden Picks Philadelphia for Campaign Headquarters

Former Vice President Joe Biden announced Thursday that his presidential campaign will be headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s a decision that was long rumored to be in the works, since before Biden even entered the race, and one that will give the former veep a logical home base.

In addition to being the closest major city to his home in Delaware, Biden was born in Pennsylvania ,and he is making the commonwealth the centerpiece of his election strategy:

The former vice president has made Pennsylvania a prime focus of his early campaign, with rallies in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia bookending trips to early voting states. For months, he had been said to be eyeing Philadelphia as a potential base of operations, and held a fund-raiser in the city on the first day of his campaign.

Meanwhile, President Trump has also included Pennsylvania among his targeted “must win” states. That list also includes Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida – all battleground states that President Obama won twice.

The campaign will be located in the City Center neighborhood and will house 50 staffers to start.

On the day he announced his presidential campaign, Biden attended a fundraiser in Philadelphia hosted by Comcast executive David L. Cohen. Numerous Pennsylvania politicians were also in attendance, including former Gov. Ed Rendell and former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

The fundraiser drew criticism from fellow 2020 contender Elizabeth Warren, who has built her campaign on a pledge to reject corporate PAC money. The Philadelphia Inquirer, however, exposed that Warren hypocritically accepted donations from some of those very same donors during her 2018 Senate re-elect campaign.

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