Bill de Blasio Hires Hamilton Star's Father as Consultant for Re-Election Bid | NTK Network Bill de Blasio Hires Hamilton Star’s Father as Consultant for Re-Election Bid

Bill de Blasio Hires Hamilton Star’s Father as Consultant for Re-Election Bid

Democrats have a fever - and the only prescription is more Hamilton.

By NTK Staff | 04.24.2017 @1:13pm
Bill de Blasio Hires Hamilton Star’s Father as Consultant for Re-Election Bid

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has enlisted the services of Luis A. Miranda Jr., the father of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, to help with his re-election campaign, according to the New York Daily News.

The elder Miranda co-founded the MirRam Group in 2000 with Roberto Ramirez. The lobbying and consulting firm touts itself as “a seasoned team of lobbying, political and communications professionals in three offices across the State of New York.”

“Miranda, who will serve as a consultant, has previously worked on Senate campaigns for Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand, and assisted on de Blasio’s 2009 run for public advocate,” the Daily News reported.

The Daily News also mentioned Miranda’s 2016 creation, the Hamilton Campaign Network, described as “a sister company of MirRam that consults on state and city campaigns and, of course, is named for his son’s smash-hit musical.”

In fact, the elder Miranda has amassed a significant amount of money from his son’s successful musical. The New York Times reported that Miranda collects about one percent of the show’s total profits, a figure The New York Times said comes out to about $312,000 per year.

Controversy erupted around the play in November 2016 when Vice President Mike Pence attended a showing. Members of the audience booed Pence, and the cast read out a letter to Pence at the play’s conclusion.

The episode drew fire from conservatives. Marc A. Thiessen, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, wrote in The Chicago Tribune:

Hey, Democrats, want help to rally the country around Donald Trump? Here’s a great idea: Have a crowd of wealthy, out-of-touch Manhattan liberals (who can afford $849 tickets to “Hamilton”) boo Vice President-elect Mike Pence while the cast of the Broadway show lectures him on diversity.

De Blasio is a liberal progressive who rose to the mayoralty on a “man of the people” message, but it seems he now shows an affinity for New York elites lecturing the Trump administration. Could anything be further from populism than hiring a consultant who has gotten rich off of lobbying?

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