Body Language Expert: Trump 'Established Dominance' Over Kim | NTK Network Body Language Expert: Trump ‘Established Dominance’ Over Kim

Body Language Expert: Trump ‘Established Dominance’ Over Kim

The president "established dominance" over the North Korean leader with his body language.

By NTK Staff | 06.12.2018 @3:05pm

To analyze President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, CNN brought on body language expert Chris Ulrich to evaluate the two leaders’ demeanors.

His appraisal? Trump was “establishing dominance” over his North Korean counterpart.

Ulrich explained that people perceive the left-most person in a picture as the most powerful individual, and Kim occupied that spot in their photo-op. But Trump took measures to make sure Kim knows his place.

“[Trump will] ultimately then grab and do an upper arm grab here on Kim Jong Un,” he said. “It’s re-establishing dominance.”

“He can turn Kim Jong Un any way he wants” in that situation, the expert explained.

“[Trump] points off and Kim Jong Un follows. Trump does something very interesting – he pats him on the back and guides him out,” Ulrich continued. “This is, again, establishing dominance.”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin interrupted, saying that it did look, in fact, like Trump was “in charge.”

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