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Book Review: Soccer Thinking for Management Success

The new book – by a soccer player and fan with 25-plus years of political and policy experience in D.C. – is concise, thought-provoking, and accessible to many audiences.

By NTK Staff | 08.04.2018 @12:00pm
Book Review: Soccer Thinking for Management Success

Soccer fans, political junkies working in Washington, D.C., or managers and employees in offices around the country can all learn something from a new book released Friday, “Soccer Thinking for Management Success.”

The book, by lifelong soccer fan and experienced political and policy consultant Peter Loge, is concise. “Soccer Thinking for Management Success” clocks in at just over 170 pages, but the book packs a ton of life, work, and on-the-field lessons into those 170 pages, ones that managers and staffers alike could learn from.

Loge peppers his lessons on soccer and management with interesting anecdotes, thought experiments, and soccer-heavy metaphors that a fan or player of the game would appreciate.

  • Loge talks about the congressional re-election campaign he managed and doing something that would be unheard of in this political age: talking on the phone with his opponent’s campaign manager once a week
  • He reshares a simple bit of inverted advice he received from a professor at Emerson College – “Don’t just do something – sit there” – to teach the lesson that sometimes not attacking is better than a bad counter-attack
  • Loge notes that it’s a mistake to treat soccer teams, or companies, like families; a team can bench or release a soccer player who’s underperforming, and a company can fire an employee, but a family isn’t going to fire children who don’t do their chores

The author certainly brings a variety of perspectives to his book: in addition to his experience managing a congressional campaign and running a congressional office, Loge most recently served as an adviser to President Obama’s commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He’s now an associate professor at George Washington University.

But where Loge’s advice comes to life is through the world of soccer. He’s a long-time player (now in 45-plus leagues), a D.C. United season-ticket holder, and a “third-generation Arsenal Footbal Club fan.”

In attempting to bridge the worlds of sports – soccer, in particular, and all its particularities – with the worlds of business and politics, Loge establishes some connections that few have synthesized and explained well. His book leaves the reader thinking about how to a better manager, a better employee, and – maybe – a better teammate on the field.

Loge’s book can be purchased on Amazon.

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