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Broward Co. Sheriff Knew About Deputy’s Failure Before CNN Townhall

Sheriff Israel stood up at a CNN event and slammed the NRA's responsibility for the shooting, while he knew that one of his officers failed to confront the shooter.

By NTK Staff | 02.25.2018 @9:51am

Broward County Sheriff Steve Israel revealed on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that he had heard that one of his deputies had refused to enter the school during the Parkland active shooter situation before he attended a CNN townhall on the shooting Wednesday night.

At the townhall, Israel berated the National Rifle Association for their alleged responsibility in the shooting, while concealing the information that one of his officers abandoned their duty.

CNN’s Jake Tapper, who moderated the townhall, confronted the sheriff about the issue.

“You spent much of the Wednesday night townhall on CNN with the entire Stoneman-Douglas community, students and teachers and parents, attacking the NRA, saying that police need more powers, more money to prevent future tragedies,” Tapper told him. “You didn’t disclose any of this to the crowd then.”

Israel responded that the issue “was spoken about” that day, but he did not have confirmation. He told Tapper that he did not check on the allegations until the day after the townhall.

“You didn’t look at the video – one week after the shooting, you hadn’t looked at the video yet?” Tapper asked.

“It wasn’t my job to look at the video,” he answered. “I’m still sheriffing this county.”

Tapper criticized the sheriff for grandstanding at the town hall while knowing about the dereliction of duty. “Your tone at the public forum was rather belligerent towards the NRA,” he said.

Israel denied that he was belligerent.

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