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California State Lottery Employees Gone Wild

"The climate just got very, very bad. It's where you really didn't want to go to work or have to meet," a former state lottery employee told ABC San Francisco.

By NTK Staff | 08.10.2018 @1:10pm

Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) has a big problem on his hands, after a package of photos allegedly showing senior state lottery officials acting improperly was sent to Brown’s administration earlier this week.

The package, which was sent by an anonymous employee, also urged the governor’s office to investigate the department.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

“One of the images allegedly shows Lottery Director Hugo Lopez at the bar. Another allegedly shows a senior Lottery employee with his head up a woman’s shirt.”

“The scene allegedly unfolded after a 2016 sales conference. Some Lottery employees visited a dueling piano bar in Claremont, where musicians commonly play up bawdy themes.”

This is the second time this year that Brown’s office has received such a package asking the administration to investigate the California Lottery.

“I’m not surprised, no. I’m not surprised,” Donna Sullivan, a former state lottery employee, told ABC San Francisco.

Sullivan worked for the lottery for over 30 years, but recently retired because of behavior like that depicted in the photos sent to Brown’s office.

“The climate just got very, very bad. It’s where you really didn’t want to go to work or have to meet. It would be better if, in fact, the boys’ club was demolished and the lottery go back to doing the business of the lottery, giving money to education,” Sullivan said.

Complaints like these have been happening regularly for years, according to one lottery union representative who spoke with ABC San Francisco. One recent incident was witnessed by managers, the employees of the Lottery’s vendor IGT, and sales personnel.

Brown, who is retiring as governor of California, has asked the attorney general’s office to look into the allegations.

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